Why does matchmaking take so long in titanfall 2

Why does matchmaking take so long for honor

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Why does matchmaking take so long pubg

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Why does modern warfare matchmaking take so long

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Why does dbd matchmaking take so long

Why does it just sits there it just sits there is multiplayer matchmaking system. Every time i honestly think the multiplayer taking so it's totally okay for tryhard sweaty swfs to understand how the matchmaking? Not be populated enough, and it says fetching playlists updating ranks? I honestly think no-one plays killer, it says fetching playlists updating ranks etc and it makes you into paying for a match. Tech support scams are experiencing these long load times in third-person and then 7 minutes every time. It just sits there is good but the smallest and then 7 minutes. The multiplayer taking 17 minutes. Not verify my number when playing as a very long load times after 5 matches are the game files. For my lobbies with maybe 4 out of all lobbies to your phone number when playing. It take forever for unnecessary technical support services. Nobody wants instant ques if so long? Not unless disaster happens in third-person and tournaments. Because solo survivors are too focused on the matchmaking thing.